Canine Care & Giving

Our 10% Commitment

At the core of the ZNOOZ brand is a deep-seated commitment to supporting dog adoption. We pledge to allocate 10% of our net profits towards this noble cause. This commitment isn't just a part of our business model; it's a reflection of our passion for improving the lives of dogs everywhere. By choosing ZNOOZ, our customers don’t just invest in superior comfort for their pets; they also contribute to a larger mission of bringing joy and a sense of belonging to dogs in need.

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Allocating Resources for Maximum Impact

Our initial approach in supporting dog adoption involves donating to local dog shelters, starting with Pasadena Humane, one of the closest to our neighborhood in Pasadena, CA. These contributions are vital in providing necessary care and boosting adoption chances for many dogs. As ZNOOZ continues to grow, we remain dedicated to seeking out innovative and impactful ways to extend our support, ensuring that our efforts reach and positively affect as many dogs in need as possible.

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Other Ways to Support Our Mission

Even if a new dog bed isn't on your list, you can still support canine welfare and environmental sustainability. Check out our compostable poop bags - a small but impactful way to contribute to our cause and help the planet.