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I think my dog has a better bed than me now.

Chadwick L.

"So happy to find a bed that my dog loves and that actually adds to our home's decor."

Johnny O.

"My dog absolutely loves it - as soon as I brought it home, he jumped right on it and hasn't wanted to leave since!"


My dog's never been comfier, and the magnetic cover is a lifesaver for cleaning. So much easier than our old bed! Definitely recommend.



Reduce Joint Stress

Crafted for the perfect blend of softness and support, our beds feature a human-grade mattress designed up to 7" to ease joint stress. The thicker mattress ensures your dog can easily rise without struggle, making it ideal for pets with arthritis and hip dysplasia.

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Real Waterproof

ZNOOZ Beds DualShield™ double down on waterproof cover and liner to keeps your mattress safe from leaks and your stress levels down.

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Magnetic Topper

Our Patent-pending MagZnap™ Design to make cleaning and assembly simplified for you. More styles and customization mods coming soon.

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Redefining Dog Bed Standards

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