What does warranty cover?

Base Bed Foam:
Enjoy a decade of durability with our 10-year 'No-Flatten' Warranty. If your dog's base bed foam loses shape (retains less than 90% of its original form), we'll send you a replacement foam mattress once free of charge.

To claim the warranty replacement, simply send us your receipt/order number and a photo of the mattress beside a tape measure or ruler.

Manufacturer's Warranty:
Assured Quality on Arrival: Encounter a manufacturing defect or transit damage? We'll issue a one-time store credit for a free replacement. Claim within 30 days of receipt. Note: Warranty doesn't cover dog or usage damage.

To claim the warranty replacement, simply send us your receipt/order number and a photo of the defective product.

When will my dog bed arrive?

In-stock items are swiftly processed within 48 hours (mostly within one day) and delivered to your doorstep in just 5-7 business days.

What size and bundle should I get?

Please check out our size guide.

Do you ship outside the 48 contiguous US states?

Our apologies, but currently we only ship within the 48 contiguous US states due to high shipping costs. If you're in Alaska, Hawaii, US territories, or abroad, consider using a forwarding service like reship.com to receive our products. Thank you for your understanding!

How waterproof are Znooz Beds?

All ZNOOZ beds come with waterproof covers and an inner liner shielding the foam mattress, offering robust protection against spills.

Our outer covers have water resistant treatment plus a solid waterproof layer underneath that can hold a bucket of water...for real!

For a demo of our impressive DualShield™ waterproof technology, Click Here!

Why if my dog won't use the bed?

While most dogs instantly adore their new Znooz beds, some might need a little time to adjust. It's perfectly normal for some pups to take a few weeks to get comfortable with their new resting spot. Rest assured, they will eventually fall head over paws for their Znooz beds.

To help your furry friend settle in, here are some tried-and-tested tips:

  1. Your Scent Matters: Rub your hands over the bed cover to transfer your scent, making the bed more inviting.
  2. Familiarity Helps: If your dog’s old bed has a removable cover, place it on top of the new bed to make it feel more familiar.
  3. Strategic Placement: Initially, put the bed where your dog usually lounges. You can always move it later once they've adopted it as their own.
  4. Treats Work Wonders: Encourage your dog to lie on the bed and reward them with treats for staying put.
  5. Lead by Example: If you have a large ZNOOZ bed, spend some time lying on the bed yourself. Your dog might just get curious enough to join you.
Are Magnets safe in a dog bed?
  • Short Answer: Same as any other dog beds, it's safe for most dogs, not all.
  • Not for Persistent Chewers: If your dog has a history of chewing or ingesting bed materials, we recommend exploring other safer options.
  • Invisible Magnet Design: Expertly hidden magnets in our beds are integrated to be undetectable and safe for most dogs. Especially when a mod is attached to the base bed.
  • Durable Against Mild Digging: Our covers are designed to withstand mild digging, offering durability for everyday play.
  • Monitoring for Diggers: While our beds are more scratch resistant to most beds, for those dogs who love to dig hard or engage in some enthusiastic bed-tearing, we recommend keeping a watchful eye to prevent any access to the bed's internal components. Rest assured, we're also actively working on creating a heavy-duty series of covers to cater to these spirited needs.

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