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What is MagZnap?

MagZnap™ is a patent pending invisible magnet attachment system that enables our mod to modify the shape and transform your bed. Anything can be attached to our bed system and imagination is the limitation. Magnets are skillfully sewed underneath our base bed and mods to enable attachements.

MagZnap™ system is the reason why your bed is modular, versalite and allow your bed to become real durable in the long run. Imagine toppers with any texture, bolsters of any geometry to be attached to the base beds. We're continuously crafting new, creative mods to redefine and elevate our dog bed creations. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking innovations from ZNOOZ.

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Backward Compatible

At ZNOOZ, our design ethos centers on two key principles: modularity and backward compatibility. Our commitment is to ensure that every customer can experience fresh, innovative designs without the need for purchasing an entirely new bed.

How do we make this possible? By meticulously crafting each new addition to align with our existing magnet placements and dimensions. This approach not only fosters a sustainable and cost-effective way for pet owners to upgrade their dog's comfort but also upholds our pledge to continual innovation within a consistent framework.